Thursday, July 9, 2009

Contribution of some scientists in Microbiology

contribution of Alexender fleming
Alexender fleming is famous for discovery of antibiotics penicillin .In 1929, fleming did one experimrnt .He cultivated staphylococcus aereus in nutrient agar plate was contaminated with a mold.He noticed that there was clear zone around the mold .He thought that mold inhibited the growth of bacteria so there were no bacteria around the mold .Then he did analysis of this mold & found that moldwas penicillium notatum.penicillium notatum have produced one anti-bacterial chemical that killed the bacteria around the mold. He name this chemical as 'penicillin' later this chemical become very famous & usebul drugs to prevent wound infection .This discovery lead to the discovery of many other antibiotics by other scientist.

contribution of joseph lister
Joseph lister is famous for development of antiseptic technique.Antiseptic technique is removing of microorganism from material such as surgical dressing by using various chemical .Joseh lister for the first time used carbolic acid solution towards the surgicalinstruments & surgical dressing when lister use carblic acid treated surgical dressing to protect wound,wound helling occured faster then the wound whichis protected by dressing that are not treated by carbolic acid .From this experimrent lister concluded that such antiseptic technique is necessary for the microbiological & surgical work.So Joseph lister is famous for estsblishment of antiseptic surgical technique.

contribution of Elie -Metchnikoff
Elie-Metchnikoff described the process of phagocytasis.Phagocytosis is a process in which certain white blood cells ingest the bacteria in the body & kill it. Thesse WBC thateat bacteria are called the phagocytes .Thesephagocytes protects the body from these disease causing bacteria .Metchnikoff for the first time describe how these WBC ingest & kill the bacteria .He also exlain that this phagocytes cell provide first line of defense against such bacteria.
contribution of Edward Jenner
Edward Jenner have give the contibution in the field of immunology for the first time ,practise of immunization as done by Edward Jenner in 1978. At first time he isolated the fluid from the cow which is infected by small pox disease.Then he injected the old culture thin fluid into the child name james phipps .After innoculation he found that the child become resistance to the small pox injection .The vaccination practice now a days is also based on same pprinciple that Edward Jenner applied several years ago.Edward Jenner this experiment suggest that when inactivated organism or innoculated into the same organism in the future .Therefore the word vaccination is derived from the Jenner's experiment i,e vacca means cow in latin word.

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